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Frequently Asked Questions

Q01: What does Sound Expert do?

A: Sound Expert is a professional free sound editor which has ability to record any sound that you hear as well as edit them or other audio files in visual workplace.

Q02: How long can your Sound Expert record?

A: Sound Expert can consecutively record for as long as you like without interrupt.

Q03: Why can't I record audio?

A: First, make sure that you have checked the item "New Record" in the "Home" tab. And then in "Recording Console", you can set the volume and resource...

Q04: Why can't I record audio?

A: First of all, please check if you have selected the correct source for recording. Secondly, make sure the recording volume is not pointed to zero. Or you can read our recording tutorials for more guides.

Q05: What type of recording options does Sound Expert have?

A: You can record into the audio editor from any type of devices that can plug into your computer. You may have a recording device with a direct USB input. This is the most direct recording solution. You may have a mixer with mic inputs. You can record into the mic and hook up the mixer to the computer. Our audio editor will then let you edit and mix your recording. You can monitor it and change volume, too.

Q06: What audio formats can I edit with your sound editor?

A: Sound Expert supports the following file formats: Waveform Audio (PCM Wave) Files (*.wav); MPEG Audio (Various Layers) Files (*.mp3;*.mp2;*.mpeg); Windows Media Audio Files (*.wma); OGG Vorbis Audio Files (*.ogg); CD Audio Tracks (*.cda); VOX Dialogic ACPCM Files (*.vox); RAW Audio Files (*.raw; *.pcm); G.72x Audio Files (*.g721;*.g723;*.g726); AU Unix Audio Files (*.au;*.snd); AIFF Apple Audio Files (*.aif;*.aiff;*.aifc); MPC Audio Files (*.mpc); DSP Audio Files (*.dsp).

Q07: Does Sound Expert handle ID3 tags?

A: Yes, it allows users to add or remove ID3v1. If you select WMA and MP3 as output formats, you can edit the Tag information for the files.

Q08: Can I add some effects to the audio file with your audio editor?

A: Of course you can. In "Home" tab - "Effect" option or the left-corner small window - "Effects" tab, you will see optional cool effects such as amplify, fade, echo, delay, chorus and flanger, etc.

Q09: Does Sound Expert support batch conversion?

A: Yes, with the inbuilt batch conversion engineer, you can convert tons of audio files at once and you will be released from mass conversion work. And you'll find "Batch Converter" in "File" tab.

Q10: Can I directly edit a song in CD?

A: Certainly. Sound Expert allows directly loading audio tracks from a music CD into the waveform window so that you can perform various editing operations without having to rip the CD tracks to the hard drive first. There is also a free CDDB support to help search the online database for possible albums that matches (the artist, CD title, album, record label, track information, etc. could be retrieved and displayed).

Q11: Why did I fail to extract and encode MP3 from Audio CD?

A: Maybe there are two problems: 1. Your CD-ROM doesn't support audio data extraction. In this case, Sound Expert can't work at present. You can try other applications which support analog access method if you can play your CD with the sound card. The default CD-ROM type was set incorrect and doesn't accord with your CD-ROM; 2. Some sectors of your CD were damaged. In order to keep perfect quality copies of the original music, Sound Expert will stop extracting when meet error sectors and tried several times. You can clean your CD and try again.

Q12: Is Sound Expert difficult to use for a beginner?

A: Absolutely NO. This free sound editor is extremely easy to use. It features a very straightforward and user-friendly interface in which you can easily find what you are looking for.

Q13: Is TTS (Text to speech) function included in your Sound Expert?

A: The answer is "YES", and you can't miss this function in "File" tab.

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